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Farewell and Hello


Hello everyone,

It is always difficult to say Goodbye.  Today we bid farewell to a few DT members.  Delia, Niki, and Sue are stepping down from the team.  Delia, Niki, Sue, we thank you for your contributions and creativities.  We would miss you a lot!!   Please come back to see us often.

Char is also scaling down her activities with the group, although she won’t be making regular posts, she would be participating in our digi duels.  Thanks Char for doing that for us.


Now we would like to welcome Karen, Gwendolyn, and Annie to the team!   Below is a little introduction.  Please look for their first post in the coming days.

Karen Kirkman

Howdy, I’m Karen. I live in Northern California with my husband, son and two sweet dogs Lucy and Aspen. I have lived in California all my life but have seen many other states.

I have always had a crafty side. When I was young I painted plaster, decorated shirts with fabric images and paint, did some macramé, and a few others. I dabbled many years ago with stamps and punches to make cards. I have come a long way since then. I started scrapbooking about 17 years ago which led me to card making somehow which I have been doing for about 8 years. Once in a great while I do some beading. Just like paper crafting I have collected a lot of supplies.

My favorite craft is making cards. There are so many techniques that can be done with cards which is why I love it. We are lucky today to have access to so many talented card makers for discovering new things to try.

I share my cards on my blog kcskards.  You can also find me on Flickr and Instagram 


Gwendolyn Goh

Hi I’m Gwendolyn, I’m originally from Singapore but I spent more than half my life living away from home, in places like New Zealand and France, and we are now expatriates in Ulm, Germany, the birthplace of Albert Einstein!

I gave up my job in the aeronautical industry 5 years ago, to follow my hubby to Germany, and now I have tons of free time to spend with our 3 teenage kids, 2 dogs and also try loads of new things. I picked up crafting a a few years ago starting with soy candle making, crochet, abstract acrylic painting… but when I discovered card making 2 years ago, I immediately became hooked on it and now I do it all the time! I’m essentially a one layer card maker who LOVES colouring. I started learning to water-colour 6 months ago and it is now my favourite medium to use, although I love my colour pencils and alcohol markers, which is a recent discovery too.

I love sharing how I create my cards, so do follow me on my blog https://desperatehousewifecraft.com, Instagram @desperatehousewife_craft or on youtube https://www.youtube.com/desperatehousewifecraft and of course here on A2Z Scrapbooking, where I’m thrilled and honoured to be part of this fabulous team & giving back to society through their different charities. I look forward to inspiring you and be inspired in return! “Creating everyday is not taking time from life, it is creating life.” – Me 🙂


Annie Collins

Hello Friends, my name is Annie Collins and I have been crafting all my life. I started at 4 years old sewing with my mother. My passion for crafting and sharing continued to grow over the years. I love paper crafting the most – all forms of it. I live in sunny Florida with my fantastic family, husband, 3 children and pets. I can’t wait to share some projects and be inspired by all of you.

You can visit Annie at her blog: Little Wings Creates


Tomorrow is the beginning of a new challenge, come back and catch the details.  Have a great day!!

7 thoughts on “Farewell and Hello

  1. Welcome, ladies! So glad you’re joining us! Look forward to creating with you! ❤

  2. Cindi, your card is marvelous. That humming bird is perfect for those wonderful flowers.

    SO sad to see Delia, Niki and Sue leave us, but I’m sure they will join in on the entry side of the challenges (fingers crossed).

    Welcome to Karen, Gwendolyn and Annie to the DT side of the challenges. Have fun and be creative.

  3. Thanks for the introduction! So thrilled to be part of this team. Hugs, Gwendolyn

  4. Lovely card and welcome to the new team members! So exciting! Fond farewell to the departing team members, thanks for all your inspiration!

  5. Sad to see folks go, I’m sure we will see you around. Welcome new team members. I am excited to to be one of the newbies.

  6. What a delightful way to display your talents and share them with others…you all are doing good works…thank you.

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