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Hero Arts Mum Stem and Antique Rose in Full Color


I recently got a chance to take a class with the talented Sandy Allnock and Ken Oliver Color Burst powders and liquids. Now, Sandy knows her way around these powders and I have to admit, some of the class got the hang of them too. I, however, never really did 🙂

sbc_pp-kn06117_0I enjoyed the process of playing with them and creating some beautiful color for backgrounds, but creating something out of nothing wasn’t easy for me. I took my painted pieces home and then added colored pencils on top and managed to make some flower-type stuff. They weren’t Sandy Allnock good, but they worked well enough and seriously, painting was never so fun.


If you’ve never used them, here’s a little info for you.

You can start with water on paper and then tap the bottles to release the color powder or tap the powder on the page first and then add water. The color reacts with the water and creates fun and interesting patterns.


Sandy showed us how to create flowers by stamping the center with clear stamps and then painting petal shapes with water and dropping the powder onto those wet petals. On the flowers below, I added some of the Metallic Liquid paints to the petals.


You have to be careful because they will bleed into each other and you might not want some colors to do that—they reactivate with water even after drying. Some colors are perfect for this technique of letting them mix on the page.


You can stamp on top of the color burst background after drying or stamp first and then spritz with water. You sprinkle on tiny amounts of the powder and it spreads and mixes on the wet paper. I used my colored pencils to go back in for some shading and some detailed coloring on the stems on the roses above. The Color Burst makes a dynamic background for your stamping.


On this vibrant purple example, I stamped the roses first and then put some clean water on the stamped image and dropped some reds onto the petals. Then I sprinkled some purple and blue powders in the background and then spritzed with water. You can see where the red powder got into it a little, but you’re going to get some errant powder sprinkles here and there.

These are not for the very careful and precise crafter, in my opinion. It’ll probably drive you crazy. But you will get lots of vibrant surprises as you work. Although you could always make a little paint with the powder and water and then use a brush if you like precise color placement.


This last tag uses some powders with some of the Metallic Liquid paints. I gotta admit, I looovee the shimmer in these paints. I would much rather use these more traditional paints, mostly because of the amazing shine!

IMG_1520Here are two samples using the same Mum Stem stamp—one in ink and one in white embossing powder. Then I used the powders and then spritzed water. The one on the left I also added some of the shimmery paint with a brush after drying.

I’m glad I took the class and got to play around with the products, but it’ll take a lot more practice before I can pull of a decent Color Burst-only piece of art!


Coloring Layering Happy Day Flowers

Ken Oliver Color Bursts

Ken Oliver Color Burst Liquid Metals

Mum Stem  

Antique Rose

Antique Rose Stem

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4 thoughts on “Hero Arts Mum Stem and Antique Rose in Full Color

  1. Wow these colors look amazing!!

  2. These are beautiful! I love how you added pencils and stamps to them!

  3. You’ve done amazingly well! WOW. I love the color burts paints. A little goes a very long way! They are so vibrant with color. I love your samples. WOW and double WOW.

  4. WOWZERS! So pretty and fun!!

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